"U-Can!" with a 5 Year Innovative Life Strategy,
"YOU Go (R.A.T.S.) Be (R.A.T.S.) Do (R.A.T.S.)" with my book!

R- Remain Positive    A- Act Locally      T- Think Globally       S- See Effectively 


I Challenge YOU to Prove Me Wrong!


The U-Can! Man Valdosta-Lowndes County Education, Business And Community (EBC) Team


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 Education     (E)

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 Business       (B)

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 Community     (C)

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Diversity & Innovation

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on upon the shoulders of giants." Isaac Netwon


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Contact Info: Toll Free-1(866)441-7344 or E-mail @ jisom@valdosta.edu  or john.isom@yahoo.com  theucanman@gmail.com

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Birth/ Future Life









Outstanding #1  

Opportunity #1 

Option #1    


December   2007-Present

Registered Tradmark

March 2009

1964 - 1982

Jefferson County FL High School
GPA 2.07

(Earning 1-A)

Fighting Tiger

1982 - 2007

US Army
25 Years 5 Months 1 Day - Retired

Be All You Can Be

An Army Of One

Army Strong

2009 - 2010  South Georgia College Roaring Tiger

Became South Georgia State College Hawks, Jan 2013

(On VSU Campus)
GPA 4.0 

(Earning 10-A's)
Freshman Year

2011 - 2013

Valdosta State University
 GPA 3.7

(Earning 30-A's)

Graduated With Honors





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1)The U-Can! Man- 2)Family Karen, Joshua,Caleb, Joy, Christian-3)Chamber Of Commerce- 4)Joel Isom (VSU Baby)5-6) Degree     


          (1)                                 (2)                                                 (3)                                     (4)                          (5     and       6)


 Start August 2009-No College Degree                                 If I Can, U-Can!                       Finish December 2013 Yes College Degree




 Daughter's Letter - Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker

The U-Can! Man Innovative Strategy, U-Can! Go and Do R.A.T.S.

 R- Remain Positive    A- Act Locally      T- Think Globally       S- See Effectively 

I Give Hope by empowering, encouraging, and educating everyone I encounter through (Twins) Diversity and Innovation


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The U-Can! Man and Mandie Gossage present a HAPPY MEAL tool U-CAN! use


M- Motivationally Stimulating

E-  Educationally Rewarding

A-  Academically Success-Driven

L-  Lessons Learned upon Lessons Learned


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Mandie Gossage and The U-Can! Man



 VSU Is A Triple O (Outstanding Opportunity Option) University


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