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African American Males (AAM) for six years and counting (2009 through 2014), The U-Can! Man Empowerment Through Encouragement Shuttle (TUM-ETES) Innovative Workbook has provided a proven strategy for early head start, primary, and secondary schools. Our desired result is to increase College Access-Progress-Success. Click on links below to purchase our books authored before and after my college journey and see why I know Valdosta State University is a Triple-O, Outstanding Opportunity Option (VSU-TOOO). For best results use both books together with this Innovative Workbook.

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The U-Can! Man, Go For Your Goal... :-)

14 August 2014

Debbie Snapp, Staff Writer ECB Publishing  Jefferson (Monticello) County Florida


The U-Can Man, LLC, Valdosta, GA

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Designed To Give You Hope

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The U-Can! Man Successful Valdosta State University Blazer Journey Took All Persons Above And Many More 





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  U-Can! Join Team  “14000 Blazers VSU-TOOO”  Fall Semester 2015

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Our Leader Mr Andy Clark

  VSU Names Clark VP for Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications, 1 July 2014



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You've done it before and you can do it now.  See the positive possibilities.  Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”  Ralph Marston

  U-Can! Join Team  “14000 Blazers VSU-TOOO”  Fall Semester 2015

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Joshua Isom 2011 (HS) Honor Grad Lowndes County HS Vikings, Valdosta GA

Current Junior UGA Bulldogs

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John Isom Fall Semester 2013 College Honor Graduate

Valdosta State University Blazers

Go Blazers!

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Caleb Isom 2014 (HS) Honor Grad, Lowndes County HS Vikings, Valdosta, GA

Enrolled, South Georgia State College  on VSU Campus

Joy -7th Grade, Christian- 2nd Grade and Joel 3 Years Young Next in Line Racing To The Top

Karen I Give You All Of Me Click On Our Picture


The U-Can! Man,  Bride of 23 Years Karen Yvette Isom

Our Family- Foundation/Anchor/Driver (F-FAD)

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 August 2013, Day One Of Senior Capstone-Sociology, Fall Semester 2013 Dr Ballard Stated Our Class:

"You have learned a lot, and your challenge with your sociology degree is to go out and be a 'do gooder.' If you can create a one-size-fits-all product, you will be able to help solve problems around the world." Dr Chet Ballard

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10 November 2013, Senior Capstone-Sociology, Fall Semester 2013 Dr Ballard Stated To The U-Can! Man:

Hi John, Your job search and work situation will be bolstered by the consistently positive attitude you display. I have never been around someone like you who breaks through the thin veneer of unspoken norms and expectations which form the structure of the classroom being vocal and offsetting silence with positivity. It is something I will always remember. I wish you all the best in creating the job situation where you can do the most good. Dr Chet Ballard

  The U-Can! Man Innovative Strategy, U-Can! Go and Do R.A.T.S.

 R- Remain Positive    A- Act Locally      T- Think Globally       S- See Effectively 

VSU Offers Big Tuition Deal To Big Bend Residents

Starting Fall Semester 2013

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The U-Can! Man Favorite Book 1995-Present

 Georgia Military College signs articulation agreement with Valdosta State University

11 March 2014/Click on Picture Below.

Tarn Burton, GMC Valdosta CampusAcademic Dean, Leslie Hafer, GMC Valdosta Campus Director, Dr. William McKinney, VSU President, LtGen William B. Caldwell, IV, GMC President, Dr. Mike Holmes, GMC VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculties

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The U-Can! Man Is Looking For 14,000 Blazers By Fall Semester 2015

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Graduating With Honors: If I Can, U-Can!"
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VSU Is A Triple - O (Outstanding Opportunity Option) University.

Florida 5 (Blue Team) Big Bend Area

1: Monticello FL
                                                    2: Tallahassee FL
                                                                                                           3: Jasper FL
                                                                                                                                                           4: Madison FL
5: Lake City FL

18 April 2014,  VSU Celebrates Opening of Health Sciences & Business Administration Building

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2014 Message From  The U-Can! Man To My  Red and Blue Teams,  Valdosta State University Is The Place To Be 2014 And Beyond

Georgia 5 (Red Team) Blazer Area
1: Valdosta GA
                                               2: Tifton GA
                                                                                               3: Thomasville GA
                                                                                                                                                       4: Homerville GA
 5: Moultrie GA


Helping Students Succeed Academically is Focus of Centralized Advising

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Department of Centralized Advising

Starting Fall Semester 2014







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Blazin’ Voices, Spoken Like a Blazer

In Our Words…Stories from past, present, and future Blazers


Tamika N. Norton    VOV #1
Dr Hochschild    Class  VOV #6 - #23
  Myra Cerecero VOV #2
Dr Chet Ballard Class VOV #24 - #37
Grace Allen Delacruz  VOV #3
Garrick Johnson            VOV# 38
Hannah E. Holmes VOV#4
Maulikaben S Patel VOV #39
Will Cameron Jimerson VOV #5
Lowndes County  District Schools VOV #40 - 50