"It always seems impossible until it's done"...Nelson Mandella


"R- Remain Positive    A- Act Locally    T- Think Globally  S- See Effectively"  (R.A.T.S)   John "The U-Can! Man" Isom, 2007-Present


Definition of/for The U-Can! Man (9 Years 2007-2015) Later

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“Disruptive Innovator"

1: See the world different

2: Think about the world different

3: Know difference can be the difference”

John Donahue, EBAY- CEO- 6 April 2013-CSPAN


The U-Can! Man Is A Disruptive Innovator

1: I see the world different

2: I think about the world different

3: I know difference can be the difference

Sometimes appreciation for life can come when we are reminded just how fragile it can truly be.  Click here to hear how I was shot with an M-16 rifle May of 1983 before my 19th birthday by "friendly fire". I say (33 Years Later) I have been and currently am a Thriver & Surviver

The Question of the Day
What if I Had Died Because of Gun Violence?

Click On Pictures Below: 1984-2009 before my college journey after i was shot by "Friendly Fire" May of 1983

             1984               1988               1989                 1990                        2007                                 2009


              Single                   Dating                    Married               The U-Can! Man                         Our Family                             My First Book

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2012  2013 2013 2013 2014  2015
Ordained Elder Do What They Cant #1 Completed Married 23 Years Graduated My Memoir 21 Year Wisdom
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Happily Married for 25 Years

Joshua 21

Caleb 19
Joy 13 Christian 8 Joel 4

 The Answer of the Day
If I had died that day then none of this would have happened. No Family,  No Books, No Graduation, No Associate Pastor and No The U-Can! Man...
And I would not have recieved and applied the wisdom from the 150 friends below


Click On My Picture Above To View 2020 Future Valdosta State Blazer Letter To Her Dad The U-Can! Man 7 December 2013

John Wallace Isom Jr aka The U-Can! Man
229-548-5003 theucanman@gmail.com
College Graduate 7 Dec 2013, Valdosta State University

BA Sociology, Minor African American Studies

Go Blazers!


"R- Remain Positive    A- Act Locally    T- Think Globally  S- See Effectively"  (R.A.T.S)   John "The U-Can! Man" Isom, 2007-Present



& Friends




     1990- Present  25 Year Model

Model To Be ModeledContact Info:  (229)548-5003 or  theucanman@gmail.com

A:  22 December 1990 Our Adventure- Love Story-Journey Began.

B: 24 Years Later We Are Still Going-Growing-Glowing Together.

C: 26 Years Of Dating And Marriage Were Made Possible By God.

D: Luther Vandross Song It Best "Always And Forever".

E: Jesus Said It Best " Without God We Can Do Nothing".

F: God Did It Best  "Joined John & Karen Together".

G: We Can Do It Best "Keep God First In All We Do".

H: Our Marriage Word of God: Psalm 23- Proverbs 3:5-6

If We Can! U-Can!

 John "The U-Can! Man" Isom Family (April 2009)  Before Starting College August  2009

Married  (17 Years) Joshua- (14) Caleb (12) Joy ((6) Christian ((2) Joel  Not Born (Born Jan 2011)


 John "The U-Can! Man" Isom Family’s “Create Your Own Life Quote” Challenge,  American  

 Model To Be Modeled


Found Our Life Quote, and Empowering Ourselves By Makeing it Happen Daily!!

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Individually Created Quotes To Live Up To (A Model To Be Modeled) 

1: John "The U-Can! Man" Isom: "U-CAN!"

VSU Honor Grad 7 December 2013 (Validating U-CAN! Quote)

2: Karen Y Isom (bride of 24 years): “God is going to bless our family."


Karen Y Isom Is Our Foundation And Has The Best Life Quote That Is Being Proven Over And Over 


3: Joshua Isom (21): “Go for what you want, don’t wait!”

UGA Honor Grad 8 May 2015  (Validated His Life Quote)


8-10 August 2015 Hand Joshua Off To The University Of North Carolina Tarheels For Grad School

4: Caleb Isom (18): “Do the basics your best, and you will be better.”

Made 4-A's His First Semester Of College Spring 2015 (Valdating His Life Quote)



More Isom Family Racing To The Top Educational History

30 June 2015 Breaking News 

South Georgia State College Spring Semester President List

Click On Caleb T Isom picture above, View Lowndes County Georgia Students

"During the spring 2015 semester, 340 South Georgia State College students earned honors for exemplary academic achievement, according to Dr. Robert Page, vice president for academic affairs.  A total of 137 students earned a spot on the President’s List and 203 on the Dean’s List. Students enrolled in 12 or more semester hours of study with a grade point average of 4.0 are placed on the President’s List for the semester.  Students with a semester average of 3.5 to 3.9 on 12 or more semester hours of study are placed on the Dean’s List for that semester.  Students enrolled in 5 to 11 semester hours of study with a grade point average of 3.5 or better are listed on the Academic Honors List for that semester."

Special Note: Caleb has two Summer 2015 classes with projected 2-A's for Midterm. He is VALIDATING his life quote!


5: Joy Isom (13): “Do your best by never believing something’s not so!”

Lowndes Middle School 7th Grade Awards Program 21 May 2015


1: Honor Roll entire school year award

2: Team 73 top math award.

3: Made 5 A's and 1 B Fourth 9 Weeks, Keeping Her A B School Streak Alive

4: Promoted to the 8th Grade (Validating Her Life Quote!)


" Joy and our entire Team 73 students are more than ready for 8th grade. We have them equipped to go and continue achieving brilliance in life. They are ready to move up higher on their educational lifelong journey."

Dr Terri Hundley, To John "The U-Can! Man" Isom 21 May 2015

Below The U-Can! Man (Dad), Joy, Karen Y Isom (Mom) Dr Terri Hundley Team 73 Team Leader

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6: Christian Isom (8): "I’m fired up and ready to go!"

Promoted to the 3rd Grade. Ready to Start School Now!!1 (Validating His Life Quote)

 Christian Isom  2015-2016, 2nd Grade Teacher Ms. Karla Bennett

Click On Ms Bennett Picture Below


1st 9 weeks:    Christian is such a great student! He is very bright and always works so hard! I am so glad he is in my class and I have the opportunity to work with him! I am looking forward to a great year!

2nd 9 Weeks:   Christian is doing a good job in each area! I am so proud of his progress!

3rd 9 Weeks:    Christian continues to do well in each area! Keep up the good work!

4th 9 Weeks:    Christian has been a joy to have this year! He always tries very hard and is eager to please his teachers. I am going to miss him so much! Please come back to visit. Have a fabulous summer!

This example of Lowndes County School System Teachers sowing seeds of today, tomorrow, and the future greatness in the life of our amazing son.  Ms Karla Bennett thanks for such a super 2014-2015 School Year. We always felt like our son Christian was getting a top notch quality education in your class and always knew you CARED about him. Christian was present 169 days absent 5 days this school year. He never wanted to miss class an always let us know that he loves his teachers. You made our son want to go-grow-glow in the area of education. For this we are grateful and will share with America your model to be modeled. Christian is more than ready to attack 3rd grade 2015-2016. We will have him read and reread your super encouraging and empowering comments over the summer. This will help Christian stay focused on his created life quote:

"Fired up and ready to go!"

Will Start Pre-K August 2015

7: Joel Isom (4): YOU CAN! , YOU CAN!, YOU CAN!

Created: 05/22/2015

 Today: Your Name_____________________________________________________

Your Created Life Quote:__________ ____________________________________

If Our Family Can, U-Can!

John "The U-Can! Man" Isom And Bride of 24 Years Karen Y Isom Doing It Together With The Help Of God

We 100% Realize 24 Years Later, We Can Do Nothing With Out God"

As Karen Our Foundation Life Quote States : "God Is Going To Bless our Family" Our Testimony is

"God Is Blessing Our Family!"

24 Years Of Marriage Results Below:

 John "The U-Can! Man" Isom Family 22-December 1990-Present



Joshua Isom 2011 Lowndes County Vikings HS Honor Grad,               2015 UGA College Honor Grad



             Caleb Isom 2014 Lowndes County Vikings HS Honor Grad,                              2015 South Georgia State College Freshman



Lowndes County Vikings Class Of 2020 Joy Marie Isom, Next In Line

Joy Marie Isom Being Prepared For Valdosta State University Blazers Class of 2020

Joy Marie Isom 2014-15 Lowndes Middle School Cheerleader

Her Cheerleader Coach, (Kayla Exum Evans) Valdosta State University 2008-Undergraduate and 2013 Graduate

"Mission: Working together to teach students in a safe, orderly, and challenging environment, inspiring them to learn and excel.

Vision: A corps of passionate and unified learning communities striving for world-class educational excellence every day"

Kayla Exum Evans, Lowndes Middle School, Team 8-2 English/Language Arts

                        Ms Evans Is A                                 

     Valdosta State University Amazing Blazing Blazer


Current A-B Student

Joy Marie Isom Wearing Her Teams Winning Award From 14-15 March 2015 Cheerleader Competetition  

Below 16 March 2015 Email From Joy's Amazin Blazin Blazer Coach Kayla Exum Evans, To The Team And Parents

Note: Mr Wes Taylor is Superintendent of Lowndes County Georgia Schools

"Mr. Wes Taylor just paid me a personal visit.  He congratulated the girls and I for our win this weekend and also shared a wonderful story.  The county office received an email from an elderly couple who was shopping at Tanger yesterday.  During their visit, they were having some issues with the drink machines and some of our girls were nice enough to stop and help them.  They were not sure who to contact so they emailed the board office to let them know how thankful they were for their help.  I have not identified the girls who performed this good deed but I wanted to thank you all for raising such sweet girls!"

Her Cheerleader Coach, (Kayla Exum Evans) Valdosta State University 2008-Undergraduate and 2013 Graduate

Coach Evans Is An Amazin Blazin Blazer Alum Making A Difference (MAD) In The Lives of Future Blazers, WOW!