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Florida 5 (Blue HOPE Team)       Georgia 5 (Red HOPE Team)

1 - Monticello, Florida 
2 - Tallahassee, Florida
3 - Jasper, Florida
4 - Madison, Florida
5 - Lake City, Florida

1 - Valdosta, Georgia
2 - Tifton, Georgia  
3 - Thomasville, Georgia   
4 - Homerville, Georgia   
5 - Moultrie, Georgia 


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This 1st Book was Written for the U.S. Military and their Families
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This 2nd Book was Written for Every Parent with Children in Middle school through College
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This 3rd Book was Written for the Church, Pastor and Members
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This 4th Book will be Written for the People of America Showing Them U-Can
(Release Date: July of 2015)





2015-2019 Five Year Model


2007 Five Give Hope Bells    2008 U-Can! Team of 12      2009 You Can Song         2011 Praise Song         2014  Worship Sandwich           

"Do What The Can't" Example   #19) Produce strategies  to help others, #20) Achieve your dreams and help others


  15 December 2014 John "The U-Can! Man" Isom (BOOKS) Assessment And Assignment (AAA) Challenge From Dianna

John "The U-Can! Man" Isom, what will you do on the next job interview, chance meeting with someone, and class presentation? Let them know weather they can help you are not,  ASK them to help you promote or sell your books. You say your books are written to help people. The help is better off purchased and put into practice by the people. Remember help not shared is help not received. People need the  (Give Hope) help you are offering.  U-Must by any means possible make your help availible. You're The U-Can! Man!