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The U-CAN Man is the man of many ideas and strategies designed to encourage, empower, and enlighten. My focus is you. By myself, I can. By yourself, U-CAN. However, together, we can.      

Special Student Salute /Thank You To South Georgia State College
Former President Virginia
M. Carson, Ph.D.

I Give Hope.

America,Click Here To see the U-CAN! Man Merit page, you will see the end result of me going from 1 A in high school, to 30 As in college. However, my foundation is South Georgia State College.
Thank you to the SGSC family, as well as my Valdosta State university Blazer family.

Click On Wisdom Received from South Georgia State College Spring Semester 2010.
Thank you Mr. Michael Talbott for your outstanding teaching.

The U-Can! Man (TUM) 2009   The U-Can! Man Family 2009-Before SGSC        (TUM) RATS Strategy 2009        The U-Can! Man Family 2015 - HAPPY   

South Georgia State College Is Our Family Educational Foundation Starting     July 2009, We Are Building & Adding To This Legacy Every Year

Thank You President Virginia M. Carson, You were never to busy to share words of Encouragement & Empowerment With The U-Can! Man And Family. Our Son Caleb came home one day and said "Dad I met the SGSC President, Dr Carson. Dad she took time and ask me and others how we were doing and she also shared how she and her Faculty and Staff was here for College Students. Dad She made me want to do my best, be my best, and most of all recieve from the Best SGSC.  Dad she made it seem as if I was the most important college student in the world to her and SGSC. She also gave me her business card and dad here it is." Of course Our Son was smiling with confidence. He said "I'm going to do my best and not let President Carson down." See Caleb Performance before transfering to UGA Fall Semester 2016:


                                                                          Caleb Isom UGA Student Fall 2016

Below Are Powerful Words Of Encouragement & Empowerment Received From Dr. Carson
They All Made The U-Can! Man Want To Go Beyond...
Dr. Carson, All I Can Say Is:
Thank you. 

19 Aug 2010  

      John, I am glad that your educational opportunities at SGC continue to meet and surpass your expectations! I endorse your appreciation for Ms. Webster and the faculty and staff you have at your Valdosta location. I was just there at the SGC location in Valdosta yesterday. I was on a tight schedule so couldn’t arrange other interactions such as getting to say hello to you. But likely there will be other chances. In the meantime, study hard! All best wishes,

12 Dec 2010

     John, Congratuations on your Fall 2010 achievement! You are a role model for other students. I am so glad you selected South Georgia College for your higher education. Best wishes,

27 Jan 2011

     My Letter To VSU President: "President, Schloss I am happy to be a VSU Blazer. Spring 2011 was my start date. President, Carson team at the South Georgia College Entry Level Program took me in as a Roaring Tiger Fall 2009. After Roaring through remedial classes, and my Freshman year I have a 4.0 GPA see my story at

2 Aug 2014

     John, I am so glad that I got to see you this week in Valdosta! You and your family are so special to SGSC. Good luck to all of you, but especially Caleb. Best,

7 Nov 2014

     John, What a tragedy to lose him. You are so good to carry the torch. Best wishes, (Ref Fall SGC Classmate Sidney Bivins Jr)                                

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12 Mar 2015

      John, Saying that you and your family have great achievements and opportunities is an understatement. I am humbled to know you.

2 Jul 2015

      John, This is great news! I am so proud of all of you. Have a great 4th of July! Best,

1 Feb 2016

      “I am proud of the opportunities created for current and future South Georgia State College students during my time and have them in my heart,” Carson said in a statement Monday. “It has been a signal honor to be a part of the traditions of this important institution and to strengthen it for the future.”

9 Feb 2016

      John, I am proud of you and every member of your family! Thank you for taking time to write to me and update me positive news. Getting to know you has been a wonderful thing. Best,

 28 Mar 2016    

      John,  what a great credit to you that your son is following your role model and your path!  I am so very proud of your whole family!                            

     And, of course, the SGSC EP team is the BEST!  Best,

12 May 2016

      Caleb’s success is such great news. He---and you ---- are terrific role models for our young people. Congrats

South Georgia State College Is Garrick Johnson Foundation, See How He Got Back In The Game And Graduated From VSU


"Six-Year Update Letter to Sidney Bivins Jr. “Keeping Your Legacy Alive”
Hello, Sidney. You remember me as your fall semester 2009 English classmate at the South Georgia State College entry level program located on the Valdosta State University campus. It’s been a long and busy six years since then, doing what you were unable to do in order to honor your legacy. I stated at the candlelight vigil held for you at SGSC the week your life was cut short by gun violence, and also at your home going service, 'Sidney Bivins Jr, I will finish what you started and graduate from college.' And I kept this promise."

CLICK ON ALL FOUR PICTURES BELOW TO VIEW My South Georgia State College Fallen Classmate SALUTES.

Graduating with Honors: If I Can, U-Can!   Over a 150 Persons playing a part in The U-Can! Man Family Educational Life Long Journey!

Man 5 Year College Journey

Mr Charles Ward 

Click On Picture See Salute

The U-Can! Man College/Educational/Life Mentor

   "John Always remember to work like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God because in reality it does all depend God! Stay close to HIM and he will stay close to you. I will be praying for you as you continue your quest for excellence. Give our love and best wishes to your wife and family."  Mr. C ward and family / 4 Jan 2011

Thanks, Pastor Isom!  It is good to hear an encouraging word and it is also  encouraging to know you hold us at SGSC in such high esteem. We appreciate it highly. As you continue through life remember any organism that that does not adapt to its environment becomes extinct!  So continue to "modify" as I advised you so that you can adapt to the changes in life and become more and more successful. Give my love to the fine family and be encouraged because you have not seen anything yet!! Your Mentor and Prayer Partner,  Mr. C Ward 10 Sep 2016

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Ten Videos From Event Held 25 July 2009, The Month I Enrolled At SGC On VSU Campus

      All 10 videos, you will be used by The U-Can! Man to encourage and empower myself with hope.

It is designed to be a one hit wonder Proved By The U-Can! Man

Just For You!

Results Will Be Recored On 

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Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Valdosta-Lowndes County 5 Star Chamber |
"Simply the Best Better Than All The Rest"

Thank You President Myrna H. Ballard
For BeingA Postive Force/ExampleIn The U-Can! Man Life

Elder Diane Williams Scripture

Hope U-Can! Receive

"Acts 27:20-26"


Greater Dove Dancers to The U-CAN! Song

One of Union Cathedral Minsities located in Valodata GA.

"Just Remember Who "I AM" 

Special Presentation Below "It's The God In Me"

(4) 25 July 2009 Spoken

Video Recorded Feb 2012

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Brother Reginald Isom To America

Hope U-Can! Receive           

"Lights, Camera ACTION!"

                      LeonCounty Top Five Finalist Teacher Of The Year Articles 8 and 9 Feb 2012


Brother Eddie Dancin To America

One of Union Cathedral Minsities located in Valodata GA.

"Encourage Yourself"


Lorriane Thomas To America

"I Can DO All Things Through Christ"


The Rev. Jerry Brown / CEO

"Trust God"

First Person To Say "U-Can! Man U-Can! Own Your Own Business" June 2007


Anthony WilliamsSinging"Hero"

"There is a Hero inside of You"

Extra:- View Anthony Williams singing with his Daughter Antavia A rising Star:


Bishop Wade S. McCraeTo America

The U-Can! Man God Chosen Pastor/Leader

"America Be Not Afraid! To Face Your Fear, Your Faith, And your Future"

Click Below For A Special/Extra Word From Bishop
Wade S McCrae (We Need A Dose Of The HolyGhost)


Sister Porscha Berrian U-CAN! PoemTo America

One of Union Cathedral Minsities located in Valodata GA.

Hope U-Can! Receive

"America U-CAN!"

        This Article Was Done My 2nd Week At SGC Fall Semester 2009



    Interim President Ingrid Sellers, I am John “The U-Can! Man” Isom

9 September 2016 

(You Can Share With Your Entire Team and The University Educational System)

     I felt led to share with you a part of your SUPER Team at SGSC. The SGSC at Valdosta State University location.   below is and email I shared with my College/Educational/Life  Mentor Mr Charles Ward:


   “Please forward to the new SGSC President. This news is an example of how great Her VSU Campus is. I hope to see  her one day. President Carson was my number One College President. See how she touched me and Caleb Educationally    at  Could You please pass on to Director Webster http://johntheucanman. com/files/40178774.pdf  I put this to the test at SGSC and my son Caleb did also. We ended up with 10-As each (4.0 gpa)  I needed remedial Math 97&99, English and Reading. See the results at 

Caleb is at UGA he earned 5 more A’s at VSU and transferred to UGA this semester with a current 4.0 GPA. 

I have one Word to describe SGSC "FOUNDATION" This College is the foundation for my and many more families. Please share with your Team.”


However as I thought about this Interim President Ingrid Sellers I realized it was my duty to share with you directly as I have with President Carson 2009-2016. started July 2009  the same month I enrolled at SGSC at VSU. This College is The U-Can! Man Foundation. I plan to continue sharing with America how SGSC is a FORCE and Foundation In the Lives of many. I hope to meet with You One day. I 100% believe and HOPE your addition to this   great SGSC Family is the word “BETTER”  After reading your amazing Bio I feel  “BETTER” is Your focus. I see SGSC  Family Embracing :

 Being Better

 Doing Better

 Getting Better

 Focusing  on Better

 Leaving SGSC Better

 Last but not least Adding To and already GREAT SGSC Team.


  I say to You Interim President Ingrid Sellers U-CAN!

 1: This Is my first ever Podcast isom-1/the-u-can-man-5-to-7- year  Created Aug 2009 at SGSC

 2: Our son Joshua was in the 11th Grade 2009, after seeing my SGSC Performace he was inspired and  Graduated from UGA With Honors

 3: Our Son 10 A's at SGSC has him inspired and encouraged as he deals with his 4 classes at UGA this semester. His Foundation is SGSC At VSU

Note This Salute is in my 2nd Book

Graduating With Honors; If I-Can, U-Can! B00HNY8SAU#nav-subnav    

  To:      South Georgia College (SGC) Entry Level Program

             Located on Valdosta State University Campus

             Directed by Ms. Valerie Webster

             December 2010

                      Fall Semester 2009 Remedial Courses through Freshman Year Fall Semester 2010

The U-Can! Man would like to share the following quotes with my fellow Americans who are attending or plan to attend college. I received these quotes from the magnificent team at SGC, and I want to remember them, apply them, and share them with future college students. I hope these powerful quotes spoken to the U-Can! Man during my freshman year can help you achieve and believe with a U-CAN! attitude. Thank you, President Carson, for having such an A+ team here in Valdosta, GA. I am better for it, and I shall always enjoy the Roaring Tiger spirit in my life, now and forever.


Thank You



 1:  President Virginia Carson, South George College President

“Study hard”


 2: Ms. Valerie Webster, Director of Entry Programs

“We are here for you” 


3: Mr. Charles Ward, Instructor of Mathematics

“You can’t lose with the stuff we use”


4: Mr. Michael Talbott, Instructor of English

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”


5: Dr. Glen Warren Maul, Associate Professor of Psychology

(my first-ever college advisor)

“If you want to do a good job of critical thinking, it requires time, thought, and you being focused.”

 6: Ms. Jessica Leigh Crowe, Assistant Professor of Biology

“Don’t ever come into a test knowing you don’t know something”


7: Mr. Jeremy Petrella, Instructor of History

“When you have to turn in an essay or assignment, you should always remember it’s your time to shine”


8: Ms. Kacie Hutchison, Financial Aid Advisor

“If you stay focused in every class, you will do just fine. Never forget your reason for being here: to get an education.”

 9: Ms. Lea Johnson, Administrative Assistant

“Apply yourself and know that with God all things are possible. You leave SGC with a good solid foundation. The team here is the best.


10: Ms. Bettye E. McClendon, Instructor, Developmental Reading 99

“Always have a three-ring binder for each class, starting here in remedial courses and throughout your college career.  If you take what you learned here and apply it, your chances of excelling will be greatly increased.”

11: Ms Jennifer D. Betts, Instructor,  English 0099

“ When you transfer to Valdosta State University, they will expect you put into practice what you have learned at SGC. So focus and get all you can while you can; you will need it.”


12: Mr. Charles Holzworth, American Goverment

“I hope you learned enough about our government and political system to understand how our county works. Also remember it is important to know where to find out information. Read the American Constitution, no matter what your major will be.”


13: Dr. Jeri Stelzer, Contemporary Health Issues

“ Make sure you take care of your health during your college career. It is important before and during college, and after you graduate”.


14: Ms. Wyonne S. Templin, Instructor of Mathematics (provided two hours of tutoring before my algebra exit Compass test)  “You have had two semesters (97, 99) of remedial algebra. Mr. Ward has taught you. I will offer you some fine-tuning tips. But you must  believe you can. It is not ‘I have to take the Compass test’ but it is ‘I get to take it.’ You can do it. Now GO attack that test”.


15: The Valdosta Building Service Team

“You can do it” (this was said hundreds of times)


16: Visitors for the SGC Douglas main campus

“You can do it. SGC is a super college. What you get here can help you make it at any college. We have a good team.”


 17: Last but not least, fellow SGC students



 If you are reading this, thank you. You are the one I am happiest for. If you desire more information about the U-Can! Man and my exciting college journey, visit The U-Can! Man Give Hope Shuttle (GHS) at It was designed with you in mind to give you hope.  In January 2011, I begin classes at Valdosta State University as a sophomore. At the time I’m writing this letter, it appears I will have a 4.0 GPA. If I-Can, U-Can! It is my desire to continue doing my best. As my son Caleb Isom says, “If you do the basics your best, you will be better.”


 It is not my goal to earn A’s or a 4.0 GPA; it is my goal to do the basics my best. SGC has given me the basics. Now it is up to me to, as President Carson says, continue to study hard. See you at VSU in January 2011, hopefully doing our best.

John Wallace Isom Jr
The U-Can! Man

College Graduate 7 Dec 2013, Valdosta State University
BA Sociology, Minor African American Studies

1st Book: "Return To Honor: A Soldier Story"


2nd Book:  "Graduating With Honors: If I-Can, U-Can!" 

3rd Book:  "My Advice Of All Times" 

                      Memberships & Affiliations            

2007 Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce                                                
        2012 National Society of Leadership Success                                                                  
   2013 Who’s Who Class Among College Students                                                           

                                          2014 VSU Phi Kappa Phi. Honorary Society
               Well done is better than well said? BENJAMIN FRANKLIN




 John "The U-Can! Man" Isom  SGSC Report Card

Bottom Line upfront: Made (1) A in HS 1978-82 10th grade PE (97)

 Before retiring from the Army I was told reference attending college,

"Rev Isom this time you will make A's and B's because you will be focused” 

     Jessica Young Word of encouragement (WOE) 2007                To God be the glory great things He has done.


  I wanted to share with you how God is helping me fulfill your word of encouragement so far in the U-Can! Man’s young college career.  Visit the U-Can! Shuttle at .    In 2007 you said I would make A's and B's this time in college.  I am attending college everyday walking by faith and believing it shall be even as you boldly told me. I start me second year fall semester 2010 on 16 August 2010, four more college level classes at South Georgia College (SGC) with your WOE in my heart and mind.

 Here is and update for your encouragement to keep speaking LIFE into people’s future.

 Reading-A   (Developmental)      English-A    (Developmental)

 Algebra 97, 99 (Developmental) went from 16 to 71 passing score is 37 needed to attend college algebra

 Health-A                 Passed Georgia Regents Essay and Reading Test (1st time)             

 Computers-A                                Made the Dean’s List Spring 2010

 US History-A         English 1101-A

 College Algebra- A    See salute to my Algebra Teacher. Hopefully it will help others.

 American Gov-A

 Sociology –A                         Made the Dean’s List Fall 2010

 Social Problems-A       Biology- A

 English Lit- A                                12th Consecutive A in a row! 

 Achieve an  4.0 GPA Freshman Year Fall 2009 to Fall 2010

Transfer to Valdosta State College (VSU)  Spring 2011 (Have 4 more classes as of 6 Jan 2011)  My goal is not to make A’s and B’s but to "Stay FOCUSED and do my best everyday" I desire to share with other college students If I-Can! U-Can!

Thanks Ms Jessica Young for being part of the  U-Can! Man College Foundation.




The U-Can! Man Message To And For Future SGSC Students, Faculty, Staff ,and AMERICA

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14 September 2016-10:20AM  Angel  AT BP

The U-Can! Man here is three quotes for you today

1: Speak only when you feel your words……. are better than your silence.
2: Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise. – Frank Ocean
3: If they respect you, respect them. If they disrespect you, still respect them. Do not allow the actions of others to decrease your good manners, because you represent yourself, not others.? Mohammad Zeyara