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The 30 Plus Year Journey of The U-Can! Man

The U-Can! Man 5 (S) College Challenge Received Before Starting College From Ms Aden
"John, stay focused, organized, study, listen more, and share because you will be fine.       
Keep me updated on your College career. By doing this you will
show a postive public sign
of taking care of your family"  Ms. Aden-17 August 2009


John Wallace Isom Jr

Speeking Flyer, Inspirational Ministry

1978 - 1982

Jefferson County FL 

High School
GPA 2.07

Fighting Tiger

3.7 GPA In College 2009-Present

1982 - 2007

US Army
25 Years 5 Months 1 Day - Retired

Be All You Can Be

An Army Of One 

Army Strong

2009 - 2010

South Georgia College

 (On VSU Campus)
GPA 4.0
Freshman Year

Roaring Tiger 

College Foundation

2011 - Present

Valdosta State University
GPA 3.7

Current Junior


Deans List Spring Semester 2012 

(229) 548-5003

I Am A


I Am A Valdosta State University BLAZER On Fire! Go BLAZERS!

The U-Can! Man Current 3.7 GPA Valdosta State University Sophomore

 (1) "What Do You Fear? (2) What is Your It? (3) What Is The U-Can! Man Dream?

1: John The U-Can! Man Feared Education, Now  I am Facing And Conquering My Fear.

2: John The U-Can! Man IT was  Education, Now My It Is My Teaching Instrument (TI).

3: John The U-Can! Man Dream is to Help People, Now I-Can In The Area of Education.

Job 3:25 For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.
I Am Glad The Thing (Education) I greatly Feared Came Upon Me John The U-Can! Man

Romans 8:37: Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us

Today 17 September 2011, I know NOW more than ever;  John The U-Can! Man Is MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!


Return To Honor; A Soldier Story

U-Can! Man From Your Wife 11 September, 2011 "Baby You Are A FIREWORK, Keep On Keeping On!

Listen To This Song Everyday: Because Baby You Are A FIREWORK!"

Start- Middle- Finish (SMF)- U-Can! Man Wisdom

Whitney M. Young, Jr.  said....
"It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one
than to have an
opportunity and not be prepared.”

         Please click on the two opportunities  above to recieve help and hope!   

                         The U-Can! Man Empowerment Through Encouragement Shuttle (TUM-ETES)

John, The U-Can! Man LLC, CEO

                                                      Member: Valdosta-Lowndes County 5 Star Chamber of CommerceValdosta-Lowndes County 5 Star Chamber 
And Sophmore At Valdosta State University (VSU) Blazers



            It's - About Continuing Education (I-ACE)

  "Go for what you want don't wait" Joshua J. Isom/2006

The U-Can Man's Son, Joshua Isom, Lowndes County Highschool Vikings (5A) 2011 Basketball Awards - Click To View!  Coach Kingston Clark, Thanks For Coaching/Mentoring our Son the past 4 Years.

Future Valdosta State Blazer Aug 2011

  Joshua You have put feet to your words spoken over 5 years ago.

John The U-Can! Man Fans  Requested Continuing Education, College Grade Update (RCE-CGU)

Valdosta State University (VSU)  Blazers  Sophomore, Fall Sem  2011 Go Blazers!

                   RunningCollege Grade  (RCG) Total Fall Semester 2009-Present (17-A's 1-B  1-C)

                   FutureProjected Grade (FPG) by end of Fall Semester 2011  (21-A's 1-B  1-C) 

                   Start Junior Year Spring Semester 2011, As of Fall Semester 2011  PERFECT STREAK OF NO DROP CLASSES

Day 1 Spansh, "You are here to learn a New Skill- Spanish, (NSS) I'm here to help you learn this Skill." Professor Lizbeth A. Heath

Posted Mid-Term Grade, A

Day 1 Exploring Success, "Success is having fun finding and fulfilling our purpose in life" Professor Jim Muncy

Posted Mid-Term Grade, A

Day 1 Geology, "You decide to do Standard, Outstanding, Magnificent or Excellent (SOME) work." Professor Edward Chatelain

Posted Mid-Term Grade, A

Day 1 Philosophy, "You have to read the 1st time then reread again, always reading carefully." Professor Ari Santas

Posted Mid-Term Grade, A

Start- Middle- Finish (SMF)- U-Can! Man Wisdom

It’s not just about how U START, It’s not just about how U do in the MIDDLE, It’s not just about how U FINISH. It’s all about how U-CONTINUE, before, during and after all three stages. U-CAN!

The U-Can! Man Daily Life Goal: BE The U-Can! Man. 

John The  U-CAN! MAN College Update 1 August 2011 

Fall Semester 2009 through Spring Semester 2011

U-Can! Man Give Hope Shuttle Fans 2 more A's, 1-B and 1-C (spring Semester 2011) my first Semester at VSU.

 If I-Can! U-Can!

U-Can! Man Give Shuttle Fans 2 more A's  bringing my GPA up to 3.5  as a Sophomore, and a 3.8 GPA over all since starting Fall Semester 2009.  Thanks for your many words of encouragement.  Off for a two weeks start Fall Semester 2011 15 August 2011 with 4 more classes. I will let you all know the results of The U-Can! Man doing his BEST.   


                        The U-Can! Man (VSU) Tutoring Wisdom

       In College At Valdosta State University, The U-Can! Man says Tutoring Is T.A.A.P:


                                          T- There

                                          A- Available

                                          A- And



      It’s better to take advantage of Tutoring if you need it, than to NOT take advantage of Tutoring when you need it. Your best success (YBS) may possibly swing on your personal CHOICE about Tutoring. The U-Can! Man has chosen Tutoring when needed.   


       20 September 2011/ Tutoring Success Sharing (TSS)

1st Test of John The U-Can! Man newly created quote.  Dr  Edward  Chatelain, (Professor, Principles Of Historical Geology 1122K, Valdosta State University)  thank you for taking time out of you busy schedule to tutor me last week before our 1st test in Geology 15 September 2011. You tutored me concerning absolute age determination. The effective tutoring helped me clearly understand how to use the Radioactive Decay Curve Diagram. This played a major role in me doing so well on the 1sttest.  I felt and still feel confident about the process going forward.  I am enjoying the benefits of Valdosta state University Tutoring Resources, The student Success Center, and my awesome Professors open door policy (offer made by all on day one) to provide tutoring assistance if needed. I needed it and now am the better for it.  With the lab and my Geology Lecture class grades I am off to an A- Grade in all  4 of my Fall Semester classes the 1st full month WOW!  Thanks again! Your actions have made the ( The U-Can! Man Shuttle) located on my U-Can! Tutoring page located at: Thanks again, I am excited about learning more in all my classes. U-Can!


Spring Semester 2011 Results: This 3.25 GPA brings my over all GPA down from 4.0 to 3.78. Thanks for all your words of encouragement. Grade update 19 Total (17-A's 1-B and 1-C) so for in my young College Career. To God be all the Glory. I did an plan to keep doing my Best. U-Can! (Currently a New Sophomore)


              U-Can! Man Encouragement for your Spanish Class, Fall Semester 2011 At VSU

Class Start 15 August 2011 

Keyara first encouragement quote:    28 July 2011

“Keep everything on INDEX Cards!  Take them with you EVERYWHERE you go…study whenever you have a FREE moment (i.e. while waiting in line at the store, sitting in the barber’s chair, etc” 

John The U-Can! Man response quote. 29 July 2011

“Keyara, thanks a million U-CAN!  God is good I was considering dropping the class until Spring 2012.  Now I have some good marching guidelines. I will let you know the results as I go through 3 semesters of Spanish. You have encouraged me. Thanks again."


                                 Keyara second encouragement quote:  29 July 2011

"Definitely… I made it through 4 semesters of Espanol (Spanish in college).  U CAN!!!!   Where there is a WILL, There is a Way to CONQUER and SUCCEED.  Wishing you Success beyond your Greatest Expectation!"


                                       Keyara Third encouragement quote: 15 December 2011

After  being notified The U-Can! Man earnd a B for  Spanish, Fall Semester 2011

Mr. Isom,Congratulations! Now that 2012 is quickly approaching—let’s strive for all As Spring Semester. Keep looking forward.elopment Director

Respectfully, Keyara Hamilton,  Workforce Development Director,

Valdosta-Lowndes County 5-Star Chamber of Commerce


  Ms  Lizbeth Heath  my College Instructor. After my first class  (August 2011) Ms Heath stayed behind and heard/listen to all my fears concerning taking a required 3 Semester of Spanish. She gave  me this 10 Point Leaning The Skill of Spanish Process/advice:


1)      Come to class everyday prepared

2)      Do all you assigned home work

3)      Take advantage of the Student Success Center (Tutoring could be a super help and encourager)

4)      If you have any questions ASK.

5)      Do your best before the test, do your best during the test, then grow and learn from the results

6)      Remember you are not being asked to learn Spanish in one day, week, or semester it is a process.

7)      Try to always have a positive attitude and have fun during this process

8)      Remember learning Spanish is a skill (You Can Learn Do This New Skill)

9)      Work with your groups when it is required, for team work will go a long ways

10)    John last but not least, my door is open if you have any concerns feel free to make an appointment.

11)   These 10 Points have been my guide Fall Semester 2011 and Spring Semester 2012

12)    Results To date:  have earned B- Spanish 1001 and B- Spanish 1002 Spanish 2001 TBD


29 August 2011 made a (B) on my 1st Ever Quiz in Spanish. The U-Can! Man Is Off to A Super Start Fall Semester 2011 @ Valdosta State University. My Professor Ms Lizbeth Heath is  Positive Amazing Inspiring Demanding (PAID)  I-Can! U-CAN!

 (PAID) Wisdom On Tutoring Received From Professor Lizbeth A Heath  29 August 2011 After 1st Quiz

1:"I'm so glad you're going to tutoring : ). I see you as a very positive force in class and know you will end up doing well! I love it when I see someone who really, sincerely does their best in everything they do. I can tell you are one of those kinds of people. Es algo fantástico."

Nos vemos,


2:   "U-Can! Man You are Studying to Conquer"

Ms Lizbeth A. Heath 2 September 2011 

3: 19 September 2011 Studying To Conquer The Skill Of Spanish. Earned and  A- on 1st ever Test in Spanish, Earned And A- on Quiz number two. I am off to a good start. I have a Super Professor in Ms Heath, also have three Amazing Tutorers Andrea,Ellie, and Kimberly. These four People are The U-Can! Man Number one Encouragers.

                                 One of The U-Can! Man Favorite verses in the Bible: Romans 8:37
                  "No, in all these things we are more than CONQUERORS through him who loved us."              
Click on Logo above to see JohnThe U-Can! Man receive much needed Cyber tutoring from
Professor Lizbeth Heath 7 Nov 2011



Amy I. Aronson-Friedman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Spanish and ESOL    
John The U-Can! Man Spanish 2001 Professor Starting August 2012
Department of Modern and                            Click on THIS at top of our Shuttle To Meet Her
Classical Languages
Valdosta State University


The U-Can! Man Question: Is it... "I got to." or "I get to ?"

"Honey with God's help Spring Semester 2011, we're going to have All  A's Again! (AAA)" Karen Isom 17 Jan 2011

                            "Well Done Is Better Than Well Said"  Benjamin Franklin


The U-Can! Man LLC, Logo

Registered (R) Trademark 
3 March 2009

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Contact The U-Can! Man
for possible use @

229:548-5003 or


John Wallace Isom Jr

Karen,The U-Can! Man Bride of 20 years/  Karen You are

One In A Million

Larry Graham sings/says it best:


The U-Can! Man Family We Are HAPPY!

 The Best Is Yet To Come

Donald Lawrence sings/says it best:

Joel Isom, Born

17 Jan 2011

Smiling Face on

3 Month Birthday

17 April 2011 


The U-Can! Man Family: Karen (Bride of 20yrs), Joshua (17 yr old son), Caleb (15 yr old son), Christian (4 yr old son), Joy Marie (9 yr old daughter) and Joel (son- born 01/17/11) I am HAPPY! To God be the GLORY great things He has done.

The U-Can! Man's new Favorite quote

The U-Conn Mens Basketball Coach, Jim Calhoun, issued a 3-Out THEM adjustment quote during halftime of the 2011 NCAA Basketball Championship, with his team down


    “We made some adjustments,’’ said Calhoun. “The major adjustment we made was that we were going to Outwill them
and Outwork them, and eventually we Outplayed them.’’

4 April 2011

         His UConn Team did the 3 Outs and Won. WOW! This is a U-CAN! Type Story.


Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Valdosta, GA
U-Can Walmart  Click To View The You Can Song




The U-Can! Man: 3 Presidents Awesome
College Encouragement {PACE} Quotes 

29 November 2010:

Thank you, John.  The U-Can! Man has become the “U Did It Man!”
(Reference  earning 4.0 GPA at SGC)

 -President Myrna Ballard, Valdosta-Lowndes County (5 STAR) Chamber of Commerce



12 December 2010:

"Congratuations on your Fall 2010 achievement!  You are a ROLE MODEL for other students. I am so glad you selected South Georgia College for your higher education. Best wishes,"  

-President, Dr. Viginia Carson, South Georgia College(SGC) Roaring Tigers



26 January 2011

Well done!   I am proud you are a Blazer. I have come to appreciate that you reap as you sow You are a magnet for fine people and great efforts. Keep up the great work.”

-President, Dr. Patrick J. Schloss, Valdosta State University  (VSU) Blazers


Advice To John The U-Can! Man After 4.0 GPA Ended Spring Semester 2011 AT VSU 

"Great Job John! Please let the 4.0 go! Believe me when I say that it is not how you start but how you finish! Many  men and women have started off super only to fizzle out during the heat of battle."  Darrell Smith 10 May 2011


"Hi John!    I just received your grades and you made it through your first semester at VSU. Studying paid off!!" 
                       Fasha Smith, VRC/10 May 2011


The U-Can! Man 5 (S) College Challenge Recieved From Ms Aden 
 "John, stay focused, organized, study, listen more, and share because you will be fine.
Keep me updated on your College career. By doing this you will
 show a postive public sign
of taking care of your family" 
Ms. Aden-17 August 2009

 Thanks Ms. Aden, Achieved an  4.0 GPA Freshman
Year Fall 2009 to Fall 2010

It's - About Continuing Education (I-ACE)
The U-CAN! Man Is A Repeat Dean's List Student Fall Semester 2010, Earning 4.0 Grade Point Average GPA @ SGC Transfering To Valdosta State University As A Sophomore Spring Semester 2011 Striving For A Dean's List 3-Peat Performance.  America, If I-Can!...U-CAN!  


        F.O.C.U.S (#1) Encouragement word for John The U-Can! Man from  Minster Anthony Pamplin. Received 19 March 2011 Spring Break 2011 at VSU
I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise shall continually be in my mouth.  O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.  Brother, God is great and greatly to be praised.  As you continue to seek the Lord always remember to stay in FOCUS.  Don’t forget to Filter distractions, the U-CAN man will Overcome Obstacles, always Commit to the cause of Christ, you are Unique and made in the image of all mighty God, Shoulder responsibility by taking control of your actions.  When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.  John as you continue this journey called life, know that you are victorious, you are an overcomer, and you are a child of the most high God.  I encourage you to pursue the plans God has for you.  Overtake the enemy when he tries to discourage you.  Recover everything the devil stole from you.  Stay in FOCUS:
  F-ilter distractions,
       O-vercome obstacles,
       C-ommit to the cause,
                     U-nderstand your uniqueness,
            S-houlder responsibility. 
The devil thought he had The U-CAN man but praise be to God you got away.  The Lord provided a way of escape.  As you look back over your life, as you think things over, you can truly say that the U-CAN man is blessed, you’ve got a testimony.  God has chosen you for such a time as this to tell everyone U-CAN FOCUS." 

Your brother in Christ, Minister Anthony Pamplin

The U-Can! Man Plan, To Be One Of The All-Time Great Publicity Agents (GPA) For South Georgia College Roaring Tigers.

South Georgia College Entry Level Program
The Box in the Closet

"Congratulations on all your academic success! Best of luck on your sophomore year!"

Mandie Gossage, The U-Can! Man Awesome And Amazing Editor  22 Nov 2010