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Family, friends gathered to remember loved one
Kaliegh Ottis, 19, remembered  By Amaka Ubaka
News Article Published June, 2013

"Courtney Sexton remembers her fellow Alpha Delta Pi sorority member as always being happy.  "I know she affected my life more than anyone else and she will always be my little sis."  Kaliegh Ottis loved volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and her church, as well as cheerleading.  And although they can't bring her back, family and friends say they will carry on her motto "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle"

Message To The U-Can! Man Family Of (7) And America Hear & Apply

 (My Angel) Kaliegh Nicole Ottis Motto:

"Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle"


God Ordained Meetting With Two Of His Children

23 August 2016 I departed from Valdosta GA for the Veterans Hospital in Lake City Florida. I had an eye appointment set up for 10:30am . My next stop would be Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to meet my Mom Mary Elizabeth Isom and be with my Dad, Elder John Wallace Isom Sr. After departing the Lake City VA Hospital around 12pm I headed toward Tallahassee Florida.  I got off Interstate 75 on to Interstate 10 and the  drive was going smooth. Then all of a sudden I had a flat tire and thanks be to God the tire blew out and did not cause any wreckage. I was not harmed and only needed to change the rear tire.

  I quickly notice a sign/memorial in the woods off the road. I said to myself “WOW God I had to have a flat tire here and by this memorial.”  I thought to myself I am not going to see what happened but was going to change my tire and get off the Interstate before there's two signs here. That’s when I realized I did not have a car jack to change the tire. So I waited and started singing “I need Thee Oh Lord I Need Thee”. This song had been shared with me in Lake City Florida at the VA Hospital. At first I was talking to God and with it being around 1pm I knew somebody would stop and help me out with their car jack. It was HOT, HOT, HOT! By 2pm no one had stopped, I kept singing “I need Thee Oh Lord I Need Thee”. Around 3 pm the sky was filled with dark clouds.

I notice the Memorial again and again as traffic zoomed passed me. I felt like the Lord was telling me to go look and see who this person was. So around 3:30pm I decided to go view the memorial I noticed the name said “Kaliegh Nicole Ottis” I prayed for her family and hoped that everyone else was ok. From that moment on I felt like there was something God wanted me to know by way of this flat tire happening here. I was like:

1: Why did I have a perfect flat here, well off the road?

2: Why had my jack been taken out of my vehicle?

3: Why me Lord Jesus, why me?

4: What have I done to have this happen here in this location?

5: God what do you want me to learn from this situation?

6: God do You here me singing “I need Thee Oh Lord I Need Thee”?

7: God I know you know You know everything please tell me whats going on?

       Around 4pm  the rain and lightening showed up, I had to sit in side of my vehicle because it was so bad. During this time it seemed like the traffic was getting closer to my ride.  I eventually was helped by the Lake City Highway Patrol Office. They were 100% helpful and gave me a glass of cold water it was like heaven in my mouth. That was the best tasting water I have ever tasted.  During this time I googled  "Kaliegh Nicole Ottis” and found out what happened. God caused a LEAP in my spirit as I kept reading her story.

    Then it happened: God had me see some of why He allowed the flat to happen there. "Kaliegh Nicole Ottis” had a message for me and many others. That message was and is ”Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle”. This motto is what God was telling me to do after 8 years of unemployment  (April 2009- Present) and what He help me and my family plus many others do at I headed to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and ended up being there from Wednesday  to Friday afternoon.

     My testimony is God had me minister to many people at the Hospital sharing "Kaliegh Nicole Ottis” Story and Motto. Everyone I shared it with said I needed this. I am happy and glad to Honor "Kaliegh Nicole Ottis” Legacy by doing what she can’t. This was God adding to "Do What They Can’t” In others words those who have lost their lives in traffic accidents around America. I had a Traffic Incident where my best friend died in the Car I was driving. I will add my fellow Soldier to my Do What They Can’t starting 23 August 2016. God works in mysterious ways, wonders He performs. I thank God for being  a God that can bring blessings out of tragedy. I now know "Kaliegh Nicole Ottis” as “Angel Kaliegh” She is hopefully up there in heaven Cheering me and many more who hear about her story. My advice heard and being applyied is:

Today 29 August 2016 After I Set Up

"For Those Who Lost Thier Lives In Traffic Accidents: Do What They Can't Strategy #3

Lowndes County HighSchool Buses Was Involved In Traffic Accident On I-75

Click On See Story

As of 7 Pm There Is At Least One Student Lost Her Life

I Pray For All Vikings Nation And The Truck Drive And Family


Remembering How I lost My Friend SSG Mitchell Moore and Meeting Kaleigh Nicole Ottis that 25th of August inspired me to do something:
Launch my third Do What They Can't Strategy