The U-Can! Man 3 Pillars Of Hope: Me Myself & I = YOU

I GIVE HOPE (IGH) by Getting MAD 7 Times Daily. This has been The U-Can! Man daily mission for over 10 years (2007-Present) Starting July 2009 Web.com began helping me by way of www.johntheucanman.com The U-Can! Man Empowerment Through Encouragement Shuttle (TUM-ETES). There are many Strategies / Resources/ Tools U-Can! Use on our shuttle designed with one thing in mind, GIVE YOU HOPE! Everything starts with YOU getting MAD 7 times daily. Click on "The U-CAN! MAN GETTING MAD POWER POINT" below and always remember If I-Can! U-Can! I GIVE HOPE (IGH) by Getting MAD 7 Times Daily.

Pillar "noun"  a person or thing regarded as reliably providing essential support for something.

        "he was a pillar of his local community"

Web.com Is The U-Can! Man Pillar 8 Year & Counting

The U-Can! Man 3 Pillars Of Hope: Me Myself & I = YOU


       You have 3 Pillars Of Hope: Me Myself & I 

     The U-Can! Man Message To Your 3 Pillars

Pillar 1: Me, U-CAN!

Pillar 2: Myself, U-CAN!        YOU, U-CAN!

Pillar 3: I, U-CAN!


     Having "HOPE" Question

       Is Me, Myself & I,

                                                                                                     H- Hopeful

                                                                                                     O Optimistic

                                                                                                     P- Peaceful

               E- Expectant


     If Me, Myself & I  Are

     Then YOU Have HOPE!


 I Want ToTeach You How To "U-CAN!"

AS Of December 2013 Over 238 Million AmerI-CANS

Matures-Boomers-Gen XERS- And Millenials

Dr. Ballard gave me my after-college goal: “You have learned a lot, and your challenge with your sociology degree is to go out and be a ‘do-gooder.’ If you can create a one-size-fits-all product, you will be able to help solve problems around the world.”

December 2013

You, Me, Myself, and I