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John U-Can Isom

Return to Honor Book

Return To Honor:
A Soldier Story

The First Book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. His tell all about his time in the Army. A book about overcoming obstacles and becoming a Man. The U-Can Man.
If I-Can.... U-Can!
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Graduate With Honors

Graduating With Honors

 The Second Book by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. A book about Working hard, being strong and achieving your goals. John set out to Graduate at the Top of his class and that is what he did. A Tale of inspiration.
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My Advice of All Times Book

My Advice of All Times

 The ThirdBook by John "The U-Can Man" Isom. John is full of wisdom and looks to do nothing but help the world grow and become more positive. Get your copy today to read all of John's Life Changing advice. 

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Meet the U-Can Man: America U-CAN!

Dear Friends,

There is Superman, Batman, Ironman, SPiderman, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST! The U-Can Man! We All Are in the business of Giving Hope and Helping People. I'm Also In The Business of Helping Your Reach Your (D)estiny, (V)ision, & (D)reams (D.V.D). I Believe we all have a D.V.D. Known or Unknown. I say to You America as far as reaching your D.V.D. 

Thank you,

John "The U-Can Man" Isom

If I Can...... U-Can!

America U-Can


Angel Katherine

The U-Can man goal 2018 and beyond

The story you are writing matters, advice, direction, and wisdom from Angel Katherine 1/20/2018.





Do What You are suppose to do.

In the power of the Holy Spirit.

Leave the results to God.

God used you Jan 2005 when he had me in a very simular position.
God had you tell, charge, & share with me D.I.L.

Some of God Results Were 17 Consecutive Quarters Of Mission Box Success Recruitment Of Chaplains For the US Army Jan 2005-April 2009   

Including making History Fiscal Year 2006 Acheiving our assigned mission/goal of Chaplain recruitment by the end of 3rd Qauter July 2006. This accomplishment never happen before. 

Chaplain Recruiting became recognized as one of the leaders in all of Army Recruiting. Our team success was published in the Army Recruiting Magazine numorus times 

God blessed me to be hired as Civilian Contractor by APC Solutions upon Retiring from the Army after 251/2 Years 30  Nov 2007 

The APC Solution Team exceeded It Recruitment Mission every month til April 2009 my last month with this Awesome Team.

This is just some of the GREAT THINGS God did after I asked You for Prayer and Guidance Jan 2005 specifically for Chaplain Recruiting. God did SO many great things as I obeyed what He had you pray/give me. Now Jan 2018 I am here again and God has addded to Jan 2005 “DIL” “BIG” For my Jan 2018 and Beyond. I ask Father God to help me take my Faith In God putting it into action during this season of God doing Great Things in my assignment of Telling and sharing with people “The Story U-Are Writing Matters.” Also obeying God command to me Aug 2004 Tell the People U-CAN!

Thanks again and keep watching for God Results.

 Your Mentee “John”

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Ucan mnan flyer

ucan man had alot of help

1-2 Doug & Thomas The Leaders
3: Kenisha: Number 1
4: Chris Angel: DVD
5: Kary: Superbness
6: Amy: Drop The Mic
7: Kendall: Too Much
8: James: Keepin It Real
9: Becca: Great Work
10: Andi: The Musician
11: Jay: The Mc Recorder
12: Alphonso: To The Point
13: Dominique: Strictly Business
14: Aja: The Professional
15: Dani: The Teacher
16: Brent: No Problem
17: Zach: The Creator
18: Jose: The Reminder
19: Glenn: The Assistor          
20: Jackie: Make It Happen       
21: Bernard: Mr We Can!
u-can man 22: Manny: Mr Find A Way
23: Yuri: Business Guru
24: Brittany: The Genius
25: Ashton: Mr. Positivity
26. Chad: The Helper
27. Taylor: The Technician
28. Malik: The Set Up Man
29. Winston: THE Man
30. Scarlett: Sure No Problem/No Worries!
31. Rafael: The Real Deal
32. Justin: Matter of Fact
33. Nick: Focused
34. Makeila: Always Ready!
35. Jake: The Bottom Line 
36. Ryan: Get It Done
37: Tavius- Mr Effective
38: Sarah: The Inspirer
39: Gage. M: Did Offline Team Salute
40: Rei: Ms. Energetic
41: Audrey: The Great One

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