Chris Angel-New DVD



America Enjoy The 12 Video Presentations Below

I hope after viewing each video you are empowered and encouraged to go a little further. For more of my videos click here!

1: Education Empowerment Video


2: Give Hope Empowerment Video


3: How to Monetize your Ministry


4: Winning Attitude for your Empowerment


5: U-Can Mission Control team


6: 5 Give Hope Bells You can use


7: College Strategy


8: Getting Mad 7 Times


9: College Attendance Dream


10: U-Can song for Amercia


11:My Story


12: Telling The Lord No

America, I hope you have enjoyed my Youtube Video Presentations. Thank you Brent A.K.A. "No Problem" for helping me set up what i believe Will be the final piece in sharing the U-Can man Story. America, I highly recommend Finally, I have over 30 reason for my viewpoint. See Below:

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