John U-Can Isom


Great Vs Good

Thank you,
Reverend Rose
for sharing this wisdom with me. The Challenge that I received from this wisdom is being great is good; however, being good is better. The difference is 
Great For You, Good For Others.

The U-Can! Man

I plan to attack Strategy 54
with Being GOOD 
as my goal, reason, influence, and 
all that I have in me.


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Mr. Isom,

Thank you for the kind words.  I am so very proud of our faculty and staff at Lowndes High School.  Dr. Hutchinson and our entire LHS team work diligently to assist students.

You are also to be commended for raising such outstanding children.  Your support and encouragement of their educational success has, without question, been an important factor in their success.  It certainly takes all of us -- parents, teachers, counselors, school personnel, and students working together!

Have a great afternoon, and thank you again for your email.



LeAnne McCall 


Lowndes High School

 The Grind

The Grind Unfolding

I have come to believe this view, theory, motto, and strategy is one I can embrace and share with you. I hope by knowing this will help me navigate through life more effectively and efficiently.

2017 and beyond! America if I can ucan!          - U-Can! Man

Unfolding Definition:

  1. To open and spread out
  2. To Remove the Covering From
  3. To reveal Gradually by written or spoken explanation
  4. To Make Known
  5. To Become Open out
  6. To Become Spread Out
  7. To reveal Gradually to the Understanding


It Takes Us All

GBM2M Stories

I Give Hope

U-Can! GRIND Too!

“John Isom, The U-Can Man, was a parent who "stood out," too!  He was a great role model for his children and others.  Here is a photo taken on 10/10/08 after he read Green Eggs and Ham to my homeroom.  Mr. Isom's inspirational words made a difference in many, many lives.  I am very glad I got to meet him and that he was a part of my teaching/classroom experience. God bless you John Isom and family,”
"Cammie Traylor" 15 April 2015 Lowndes Middle School Vikings Teacher


America Join The Eagle Advantage Method (T.E.A.M.)


The U-Can! Man sees you as CHAMPIONS and I say U-Can! GRIND Too!Coach "TUM"

The first person to test the Champion Standard is the The U-Can! Man.
This website done with is the result. If i can be a champion you can be a champion!

The U-Can! Man (TUM)Empowering People To Empower Themselves Motivational Coach.

            Coach "TUM"

World Class Champions (WCC) Day. We are second to none. Every U-CAN! Team member is empowered with the ability to know their job, play their position, perform their responsibilities, and to play by the team's game book, so the Team’s mission is accomplished and the team wins. We have to be “World Class Champions (WCC)" on the playing field because we play the game every day. Second place is not an option. We are a U-CAN! SUCCESS STORY and we want the Gold Medal...each month, quarter and year. A SUCCESFUL Dynasty is our Destiny. We do more than just sing it; we bring it and we win it! Our goal is to make every player a “U-CAN!   World Class Champion."  There is no “I” in Team (Together Everyone Achieves Mission), but there is leadership throughout our team. We Win, the Coach Wins, and the Team Wins Together because U-CAN!

U-CAN! Be Successful… And be on a PATH…A PATH to Success

I Am Looking For 101 Champions

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