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Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work with an awesome group at This group, I call the Awesome Modifications Team. America, one strategy ideal model SIM that I requested was that a quote be created to help bring out the U-Can! Man Sim. I want to highlight one example to be viewed and used at my January 20th, 2018 "The Story U-Are Writing Matters" presentation. The name chosen is Sarah "The Inspirer". As you view my 10 year website, there are many more SIMs produced by Modification's awesome Team Members.

America, I highly recommend for your business. The U-Can! Man often says: " is the bomb!" If I Can, U-Can America"

  1. Sometimes you just need to stop and reassess where you are and take stock of where you’ve been to be able to understand where you’re going. You might feel like you’re at a dead end but you can always find a way through. The key to this success is doing this check as early and as often as you can (vs. waiting until later) .
  2. School can seem like a tunnel with no ending sometimes,but if you keep working and keep trying your best, you’ll find the light at the end and the rewarding victory that follows
  3. John, this story is about progress. It is showing how far you have come on your journey. The key going forward is, no matter, what keep moving, because it's not over yet. And I believe the best is still yet to come!
  4. Some ISSUES may seem like they’re too much of a burden to bear. In those vulnerable moments it may feel like there’s no happy ending in sight. But if you just take a moment to STOP and BREATHE, you might find the one thing you’ve been looking for to help you move forward. Sometimes all it takes is just a tiny piece of hope to help you carry on in life.
  5. John, the best advice I have for every member of your 10 City Assignment is 1. Keep Going, 2. Keep Working At It, 3. Don’t Give Up because doing these 3 will help it get better.
  6. Other people’s life experiences can help inspire others. Something that seems like a far off, unattainable dream can one day become a beautiful reality if you just keep believing in yourself and in the world. Seeing others accomplish their goals is an inspiration in itself and it shows that great things can and will happen.

Thank you so much John for your continued praise and confidence in me. I may inspire you, but you encourage me to reach my potential.

~ The Inspirer