John U-Can Isom


Expectations, Participations, Anticipations done with Modifications

Letter to President
Of the U.S.A - 53 Year Letter of Thanks

Past, Present ,and Future President of the
United States of America Salute

Martin Luther King Jr. that one day...John Wallace Isom Jr., have a dream that one day...
The U-Can Man is fulfilment of that dream...
This website is a picture of all kinds of people one day...
(One Day...)

In August 1963 I was concieved the month of Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech. 9 months later May 1964 I was born during the President Lyndon Johnson Tour of Duty. Then I started kindergarten and elementary under President Richard Nixon. Then I entered middle school under President Gerald Ford. Then I entered high school under President Henry Carter. I entered the military and severed under President Ronald Regan, President George H. Bush, President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush. I retired from the army and became the U-Can Man under President Barack Obama, and now I am thinking big and dreaming bigger under President Donald Trump.

Lyndon Johnson: 1963 - 69
Richard Nixon: 1969 - 74
Gerald Ford: 1974 - 77
Jimmy Carter: 1977 - 81
Ronald Regan: 1981 - 89
George H. Bush: 1989 - 93
Bill Clinton: 1993 - 2001
George W. Bush: 2001 - 2009
Barack Obama: 2009 - 2017
Donald Trump: 2017 - Present

American Flag

I am proud to say that under the leadership of these presidents of the United States of America I have come to realize that I am a part of the greatest nation on earth. Of the many laws they passed under their leadership, some I liked, and some I disliked. The one thing they had in common is that they served in the office of the president of the United States. I have come to realize that this office is one I must befit honor and pray for at all times. I say to all on this list thank you for serving and leading the United States of America.

America Let Us Be Who We Are, the United States of America Because Divided We Fall, Together We Stand, U-CAN

Only Accept Doing Your Best

American President Barack Obama asked for a chance, and I gave him one and the results are WOW!.
I owe it to President Donald Trump to give him a chance! Only time will tell the result!

Thank You President Barack Obama, The Yes You Can Man, For Challenging The U-Can! Man.


Thank you President Barack Obama for the past 8 years, you challenged us to have an attitude of " yes we can" in 2009, I accepted your challenge and me and my family of 7 participated and performed your challenge (see "Yes We Can" acronym below). I also was fortunate enough to write 3 books during your tour of duty, viewable at the bottom of this website. I salute you and thank you. Always remember U-CAN! 

President Barrack Obama
America "Yes We Can"

Y- You Race To The Top
E- Expecting You Can
S- Seeking ways to improve

W- We Are Americans                                                                                      
E- Everybody On The Same Team  

C- Can Do Attitude is Way Of Life
A- Always Respect Others
N- Never Think it Cant be Done

The U-Can! Man 8 Results Recorded at with the help of Awesome Team.

   Click Here to Enjoy the 2009 U Can Song  I Am Grateful-Thankful-Successful-Pleased 


President Donald Trump on January 20th 2017, you challenged America to think big and dream bigger (TAD) attitude the next 4 years The U-Can Man 100% accepts your challenge I have created an acronym see below. To help me and my family participate and perform TAD. It is my goal to stay a partner with, to help me record, identify and most of all inspire other Americans.  Finally I hope to present to you, what I am going to present to President Obama the result of actually doing TAD. In 4 years I will be able to say, yes we can plus think big and dream bigger produce...

  President Donald Trump
America Must "Think Big And Dream Bigger"


T- Take Time To Listen
H- Hear others Views
I- Inspect what I Expect
N- Never Ever Give Up
K- Kindness Rule not Exception

B- Being Better Daily
I- Influencing Daily
G-Going- Growing - Glowing Daily

A- Always Remembering I-Can!
N- Never Play Judge & Jury
D- Demand my best performance

D- Do good to self & Others
R- Respect Others
E- Expect the best
A- Address Concerns with person
M- Make A Difference Daily

B-Build Bridges
I- Invest in self & Others
G- Give Help
G- Give Hope
E- Endure hardships
R- Rest & Relaxation a must

 Dear John:

Thank you for your kind letter and generous words of support.

Working together, we will unify and strengthen our great Nation, honor our Government’s sacred duty to the people, and fulfill the promise of America for all of its citizens. United, we will achieve lasting change, peace through strength, and prosperity like never before.

Melania and I are forever grateful for your support. Your encouragement, and that of millions around the world, sustains us every step of the way. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

With very best wishes,

President Donald Trump. 1 August 2017


4 Year Results To Be Recorded at with the help of Awesome Team.

I have been wrong, and misrepresented over the past 53 years. However, the one constant that I decided to always do was my best. So America, I'm asking all to join the U-CAN MAN and lets have a Do Our Best Party for the next four years. If I-CAN, U-CAN!
Feel free to share some of your doing your best results!

T.A.D. Template

Think Big-And- Dream Bigger
TAD - 3 Choice- TEST

The TAD Choice Is Yours
1:Which TAD did You Choose
2: Why was that TAD Chosen
3: When did You chose that TAD
4: Where did You Chose that TAD
5: How has your TAD Choice helped You


                AMERICAN TAD People

   P ositive Perspective
   E xpectation of Empowerment
   O vercoming All Obstacles
   P articipating In The Process
   L ove All People
   E ncouraging Each other

                 American TAD Poles

   P essimistic
   O ver Acting
   L oosing Focus
   E verybody Else Wrong
   S uccess Blockers

                      America TAD Pieces

   P eople against anything
   I nvesting In Negativity
   E mpty Solutions Minded
   C ommentating only
   E xtra Critical
   S ee nothing as good

America, I believe during the next 4 years each of us will live dwell and participate in one of these 3 TADS. It is my hope that we all choose to participate in being American TAD People. That is the U-CAN! Man's hope, thank you.
I believe that people are people, we have more in common than what divides us. I am looking people that have things in common using our differences to make a difference as we TAD together 2017-2020.

Always Remember America U-CAN!

America click here to view the U-Can Man first T.A.D strategy( B-Café) created to help me please God and honor my family.


I Give Hope!

John Isom

Do Everything You Can
That You Need to Do!

 America the U-Can Man Ask himself some What if questions about the past

1: What if I had pouted?
2: What if I had procrastinated?
3: What if I had pointed fingers?
4: What if I had practiced not doing my best?
5: What if I had prayed around?

America the U-Can Man is making a pledge to do my best the next four years

1: Be My best every day, month and year
2: Help other do there best every day, month and year
3: Record the results of mt best every day, month and year
4:Reflect on my previous best every day,month and year
5: Continue my relationship every day, month and year